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We run challenging five and ten day programmes that immerse corporate teams into start-ups across Africa. We are offering big organisations a new way to invest in intrapreneurship, innovation and talent development.

A New Approach to Talent Development

Our programmes offer companies an exciting new way to invest in talent development, offering high performers the chance to learn about real innovation from some of Africa’s most disruptive tech entrepreneurs.

The learning curve has been very steep and we managed to do a lot of work in just two weeks

Sjir Timmermans

Capital Markets Associate, Credit Suisse

Thinking Intrapreneurially

Intrapreneurship is a growing trend amongst big organisations. It is defined as ‘the act of behaving like an entrepreneur while working within a large organisation.’ Our research however shows that many companies are struggling to develop effective intrapreneurship training programmes.

The Baobab Network’s programmes offer employees a really unique insight into the world of an entrepreneur and the skills the teams learn on project undoubtedly encourage them to become more intrepreneurial back in their day to day roles.

Working for two weeks in the EdTech space in Kenya gave me a great insight into how big a part technology will play in the future of developing countries

Megan Ananian

Associate, Wells Fargo New York

Driving growth and innovation across africa

By sponsoring employees to come on our programmes, companies can directly contribute to the economic and social development of Sub Saharan Africa. Our focus is on companies that are innovating in the finance, agribusiness, education, healthcare and renewables sectors, and ensure our deliverables are always focused on making the businesses we work with more attractive to investors.

We got really in depth with the entrepreneurs which is something I’m really glad that we got the chance to do

Chris Pinderhughes

IBM Srategy Team, New York

exposure to disruptive technologies

Our corporate programmes offer partners unique exposure to some of Africa’s most exciting new innovations, working with start-ups that are disrupting markets like healthcare, education, finance and agribusiness. The teams that join us on programmes learn how to build truly customer centric products and also experience first hand how quickly new technologies in emerging markets can be adopted.

Day to day I work in a specific, defined role and so coming out here was fantastic as it allowed me to put myself in the shoes of an entrepreneur

Kristin Bredemeier

Senior HR Business Partner, Dell

Programme Structure

Our programmes last for either five days or two weeks and involve a combination of pre project engagement and research, office work on the ground and field visits to meet customers and see the businesses we work with in action. The programme also includes workshops on innovation, lean thinking, bootstrapping and social impact.

The Baobab Network team organise the entire work schedule and itinerary, as well as accommodation, office space, business visas and transport in country. We run end to end risk assessments before every project we work on and have a partnership with one of the world’s leading security and travel insurance firms.

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