We work with the growing pool of Angel, VC and impact investors focused on early staged equity investments in African start-ups

A shift towards early stage equity investing

We focus our efforts on increasing the frequency and size of deals of early stage equity investors who are putting their money into companies with a view to make a financial return as well as a social impact.

The Baobab Network has been helping with skills that aren’t readily available in East Africa, supporting companies with investment readiness

Robert Karanja

Trade & Investment Specialist, Nairobi

Deal Flow

The majority of equity investors active in Sub Saharan Africa have certain industries, geographies and deal sizes that they specialise in. However, it is often very difficult to find deals that are a good fit, and spending time researching and studying companies can be extremely costly and highly time-consuming.

The Baobab Network creates huge value to investors as we can refer pre vetted projects that are relevant to their areas of interest.

We create value for investors through our network of carefully vetted early stage businesses across a number of industries and geographies in Africa

Tom Fairburn

Co-Founder, The Baobab Network

Due Diligence

Equity investors take the risk of losing all of their capital and often work with no collaterals, meaning that they have to be very selective in the choice of entrepreneurs that will be supported.

The Baobab Network’s consultancy projects offer a unique snapshot into the inner workings of young African businesses. This access to the management team, financials, market information and key business risks is extremely rare and is extremely valuable to investors.

Investor Readiness & Capital Allocation

Our consultancy projects are focussed on getting companies into a position of clear strategic direction and investor readiness. Our focus is on early stage companies that are actively seeking investment and we gear our work so it directly influences the chances of the company securing a round.

We also create value for investors as we can work with companies to detail how they will allocate capital once funding is secured. We know this is a huge problem area for investors as they immediately lose interest in a deal when budget planning and forecasting has not been undertaken properly.

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