Building a go to market strategy and revenue model for a hardware start-up helping farmers understand their soil

Ujuzi Kilimo are an innovative company that uses brand new sensory technology to carry out soil testing. Soil testing is an extremely important process for farmers it allows them to understand which crops will grow best on their land, what inputs they should be using and how much irrigation is required. The current methods of soil testing have a very low penetration level, are expensive and take a minimum of three days.

UjuziKilimo’s method is real time and a farmer can have an extensive soil report and associated advice within 3 minutes of the test being carried out.  The technology the team have is great, however they were yet to monetise the model and so investors were reluctant to commit capital to the project.

We took a team of three consultants to Nairobi from IBM, Acumen Fund and an Italian strategy boutique to help the UjuziKilimo team formulate a strategy for the next three years that focused on monetisation in the short term and securing capital in the longer term.