Our focus is on early-stage companies that have spun out of Sub Saharan Africa’s best universities. These start-ups will be using technology to build scalable solutions in five key sectors which closely align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Improving Access to early stage capital and investor readiness

It is estimated that 84% of small and medium sized enterprises in Africa are either unserved or underserved in terms of funding. This leads to a financing gap of over $170 billion USD.

Our teams spend time with start-up companies getting them into a position of clear strategic direction and investor readiness. Our focus is on early stage companies that are actively seeking investment and we gear our work so it directly influences the chances of the company securing a round.

The Baobab Network has been very fundamental in bringing a new light into the business, and giving us a better chance at realising the goals that we are trying to realise

Kariuki Gathitu

Founder & CEO, Zege Technologies

Helping companies develop strategies for growth

Our two week accelerator programmes are focused on preparing early stage businesses for growth. Our teams prepare high quality strategy documents and investor pitch decks, which involve analysis on a company’s product, market, financials, management team and long term vision.

Working with The Baobab Network gave us great insights into what investors are really looking for and we are already in talks with two through their network. UjuziKilimo is now on the path to success

Brian Bosire

Founder & CEO, UjuziKilimo

Improving access to talent

Start-Ups across Sub Saharan Africa are experiencing a very challenging talent gap, which is stifling growth and holding back the scalability of new companies.

The Baobab Network immerses world class talent from around the world into early stage businesses in Africa, giving start-ups access to top skill sets that they otherwise couldn’t afford. Our programmes also help management teams become more strategic and focused with their recruitment strategies.