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Spend time immersed in an early stage tech business in Africa, learning from world class entrepreneurs and driving growth & investor readiness.

Idea to Start-Up Kenya



11th June - 16th June 2018

In June 2018, we will be putting together a team of top talent from around the world, to work with some of Kenya’s most exciting young tech companies. Our focus in June is on great businesses that have been spun out of Kenya’s best Universities. We’ll be working with start-ups across healthcare and agribusiness that have a proof of concept, but need guidance and support as they look to scale up and expand.

Deadline for applications is 15th April 2018.

Learning about the challenges that companies face when operating and trying to borrow money in Kenya was extremely interesting - it's a completely different business environment to the UK

James Shea

Associate Director - Debt, Barclays London

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