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With an annual spend of over $350B globally, Millennial & Gen Z Digital Nomad Travellers are seeking out their own adventures, settling only for the most authentic and personalized travel experiences. Local Knowledge is meeting this need by building the first travel app that uses generative AI & personalization algorithms to connect these Travellers to authentic and trending recommendations, and experiences, and events curated by local experts.

While the app strives to be that local friend you wished you had when traveling to new destinations, it equally serves local contributors and influencers through monetary incentives, earned by their community-building initiatives and followers. This has also seen some notable early adopters with influencers with over 20k+ Instagram followers. In the past 3 months, the current MVP has seen a user growth rate of 7% WoW and content engagement has seen 30%, growth MoM.

Local Cape Town-based founders, Nick and Keegan, with the support of exMarket Force, and growth expert Beniamino Bruno are raising a $500k Pre-Seed round to scale the model across 50 destinations worldwide and reach both their product and expansion milestones.

Industry: TravelTech

Founded: 2019

Incorporation: US Incorporated

User Growth Rate (current MVP): 7% WoW

Content Engagement: 30% MoM growth rate

Founders: Nick Schooling, Keegan Foreman & Aidan Wilmot 

Raise: $500k Pre-Seed