Bringing clean electricity and light to refugee camps

Starlight Entrepreneur in Residence programme

Developing a go-to-market and distribution plan for a solar lantern start-up in Rwanda

In October 2017, we worked with early stage Solar start-up Starlight. Starlight’s vision is to replace the use of Kerosine lamps across Rwanda, Burundi and D.R.C with solar powered lanterns, a healthier, safer and ultimately more affordable option. The team also have a unique part of their business that partners with schools across Rwanda, delivering STEM learning programmes and kits to help students develop engineering skills.

A global team of consultants and accountants helped starlight develop their go to market strategy and distribution plan as they look to scale up in 2018 and beyond. We put together an in depth partnership and investor pitch deck that will help the team engage new stakeholders, scale the model and raise capital in the future.