About Us

Our name, brand and identity are inspired by the Baobab Tree, an iconic symbol of life and growth in Sub Saharan Africa

Building Baobab Businesses

We run innovative leadership development programmes for big corporates that are looking to find new ways to engage their top talent. We do this by immersing teams into tech start-ups in Africa for 5 and 10-day consulting projects. The learnings work in two ways; the start-ups get access to talent and expertise that they never would be able to afford; and the corporate teams get to learn about innovation and entrepreneurship from some of the world’s most inspiring innovators that are solving big social problems across Sub Saharan Africa. The start-ups in our network share key attributes with the Baobab Trees that have thrived south of the Sahara for centuries.



We look for companies that flourish in challenging conditions, often against the odds.


life & energy

We identify businesses that give life and energy to their communities and the people that interact with them.



We look for ideas that can develop from something small into something that can scale and continue to grow for years.

Our Unique Model

The Baobab Network’s model is structured into four key areas



We identify high potential early stage tech businesses to work with in different African countries. Once identified, we look to organise a project with them based on their core strategic needs, but always with an investor readiness focus. We work with pre series A start-ups building products in the healthcare, agri, clean tech, education and finance space.


Talent Recruitment

Once a start-up has been found, we then source a group of impact consultants from our network of corporate partners and community of talent. These consultants are selected based on their ability to help the start-ups overcome their strategic challenges.


Project Delivery

Our teams of impact consultants are then immersed into their start-up client for intensive 5 or 10 day projects. We encourage employers to sponsor the programmes because teams learn huge amounts about lean thinking, disruption, MVP building and social business while they're with us, whilst having a measurable social impact.


Ongoing Support

If the project has gone well and the company meets our criteria, our team will offer ongoing support to the start-up, offering international exposure, ongoing project support and access to our international network of investors.