About Us

Our name, brand and identity are inspired by the Baobab Tree, an iconic symbol of life and growth in Sub Saharan Africa

Building Baobab Businesses

All of the start-ups that come through our programme receive a tailored development programme which includes direct seed funding, access to our global network of corporates, a dedicated venture support team and where relevant, introductions to our extensive investor network.

Through our partnerships, corporate sponsors gain access to the markets these businesses work in, the customers they interact with, the technologies they build and the data they produce.



We look for companies that flourish in challenging conditions, often against the odds.


life & energy

We identify businesses that give life and energy to their communities and the people that interact with them.



We look for ideas that can develop from something small into something that can scale and continue to grow for years.

Our Impact Focus

The Baobab Network have set five challenging, measurable and achievable targets that we aim to hit by 2024.


Access to Healthcare

Giving 7.5 million people access to safe, effective, high quality and affordable healthcare.


Environment & Food

Improving environmental sustainability by reaching 15 million people with clean technologies, while enhancing food security by increasing the productivity of 10 million small producers.


Financial Inclusion

Offering 30 million people improved access to the financial system.


Access to Education

Increasing access to quality learning opportunities for 20 million people across Africa.