Africa's Social Impact Technology Accelerator

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A bespoke accelerator for one-of-a-kind start-ups

The Baobab Network is Africa’s social impact technology accelerator. Powered by our corporate partners, we accelerate high impact technology start-ups across Sub-Saharan Africa, driving innovation, economic growth and social change.

Collaborate to Innovate

We back young entrepreneurs

delivering real change across Africa

Investing in world class technology.

Accelerating scalable business models.

Creating deep social impact.

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We help our corporate partners

be leaders in a fast changing world

Helping to innovate and stay ahead.

Being a part of Africa’s economic growth.

Finding true sustainability.

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Fuelling innovation through collaboration

We bring together global organisations and nimble start-ups across Africa to drive real impact and innovation.

Helping local tech entrepreneurs deliver real impact

Each year we accelerate 25 technology start-ups. We work with founders who are building solutions across five high impact areas:

The start-ups we work with